The team-building, ice-breaking, fun-making game of prompts to engage your team or event. 

Is your group struggling to connect? Are they ‘so over’ awkward silences and low morale? 

Are you ready to be the leader who values a healthy mindset and the health in humor?

Play Dare Zone to spark fun, trust, and camaraderie.

Step into the DARE ZONE! 

The unconventional game for leaders who know: a connected team is a productive team. 

This little box of collaborative opportunities has over 100 fun prompts to promote communication, trust, storytelling, and laughter. 

Dare Zone offers straightforward prompts that won’t scare most introverts. Every event needs an audience; so each person is valued, whether they participate or watch.

Get ready to create connections and make it acceptable to sweat in the weird places!

Suggested play:

Choose how many cards each participant gets. One? Two? More?  Give each player time to review – and choose - which of the prompts they will enact.
Decide if players are reading the prompt before performing or acting it out to let the group guess the prompt.

Encourage storytelling by asking why they chose that prompt? What’s the backstory?  You could even have your team proclaim a Dare Master!
Please share how you played Dare Zone! I can’t wait to hear how it went. Include photos - if you dare…