Lisa David Olson is a speaker, creative coach and author of the memoir Laughs on Wry, in which she shares how humor saved her life after an abusive childhood.

Her serious-toned message reveals the power of humor to heal and connect. A writer and performer of sketch comedy, parody songs, and improvisation for decades, Lisa’s energetic style and determination always leaves joy in her wake.

Included in her first book is Lisa’s project in bravery, Serious Selfies with Strangers, that provided unexpected and genuine connections with people she would never have met otherwise.

Invite Lisa to speak for your work group or project team to share her lessons from over 20 years onstage; challenging convention and expectations to unravel embedded ways of thinking.

Excerpts from “Laughs On Wry” - an improviser’s memoir

My Yearly Exam

I was in my early 40s and it was the “big date” with my physician.

Time for my yearly physical. Yee and haw. I don’t recall dates, ages, and the such—we can chat about that at some other point, so let’s get to this appointment. It’s a rather unique little tale. 

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“Lisa has written poignantly and beautifully about that silent life of survival and placed it on a slab of wry for us to absorb. Sometimes wincingly uncomfortable, other times hilarious. At all times, unpretentiously honest.”

Thomas Roberts LCSW

Author of The Mindfulness Workbook

“Laughs On Wry – An Improviser’s Memoir, is a poignant passage through the looking glass of life creating art. The truthful, comic narrative exemplifies that humor can protect and eventually heal the soul. ”

“Smart, insightful, and HILARIOUS!  Lisa takes her life experiences and shows us how you can find the humor (and the healing) in almost any of life’s situations.  If you’re looking for a light at the end of the tunnel or even just want a good laugh (or both), this is the book you need!”

Charles (Chip) Lutz MSEd, CSP

Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy (Retired)

Author of Get Past The Crap - Lead Yourself First. Bounce Back

Kenny Ahern

World-class family entertainer

"What I love about Lisa's writing is how she takes the ordinary that we all experience and turns it into hysterical and relatable stories. This style is funny, but really powerful, when she deals with  her sometimes tough childhood. Laughs On Wry brings perspectives about how human we all are. We can rise above such challenges with humor."

Susan T. Hessel 

Author and Personal Historian

“Lisa is hilarious! She has a gift for connecting with her audience and communicating her message in an authentic way. I highly recommend her for your next event.”

Heather Parady - Unconventional Leaders Podcast Host

“Lisa has a unique ability to bring ideas to life, as she did when she helped us implement marketing strategies for our new business. She has been an amazing guide and creative coach for us. We can’t wait to continue building our story and brand thanks to her brilliant help!”

Jessica and Billy Pearse - Nana’s Bake Shoppe

“Lisa David Olson is a dynamic and engaging speaker who draws in the audience with her light-hearted and warm demeanor. Participants are seen nodding their heads and laughing in agreement as she shares real-life struggles, creative strategies related to making choices instead of excuses, and building confidence in both personal and professional lives.

Lisa’s presentations add great enhancement to corporate training, retreats and in situations where increased confidence with a bit of creative humor is desired.”

Carolyn Colleen Bostrack - Founder at Fierce Foundation

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